Maha Suryakumbh



  • On a cool windy morning, As the Sun shines on the City, A well dressed Ground prepares itself
    o write a unique page in the History, Thousands of Children from all walks of life,
    With dreams in their Eyes and joy in their Heart, Gatherwith their trainers,
    Who befriends them from the start, The Art and Science of Solar Energy
  • They learn, understand and internalise, And then build with their own hands, Their very first cooking device
    Decieved by its radical simplicity They doubt their device’s performance, And so they are asked to cook,
    Anything from Rice, Cake to Noodles, Without smoke, fire or wire, Their device heats up in no time,
    As children awaits anxiously, To witness the magic of Sunshine, Afterall for majority of participants,

  • This is the first instance of being a Chef, And nervous they naturally are
    Of how their dish would taste, Eventually when the time arrives, To savor the fruits of their labor
    Their faces glitter with happiness, As laughter fills the atmosphere, They share, they dance and they celebrate
    Such is the moment’s beauty, For they know historical or not, They will always cherish this Journey...

  • A Journey that is Suryakumbh!

  • Concept

    Maha Suryakumbh


  • Learn: Art and science of Solar Energy
  • Understand: Construction of a Solar Oven
  • Maha Suryakumbh


  • Build :A solar oven from the given materials
  • Cook: Any delicacy they wish, with their own hands
  • Maha Suryakumbh


  • Celebrate:Their first day as a Chef and savor the results
  • Propagate:Take the Solar Oven back home and astonish family & friends with variety of food cooked without paying for fuel, fire or wire
    • Child

      • Being part of a record breaking event helps build confidence, dream big & aim high

      • First experience of cooking their own meal without fuel fire or wire with numerous others, makes it a memory to cherish forever

      • Celebrating the workshop as a festival lets children enjoy the Science rather than be afraid of it
    • School

      • Simplicity of the designed solar oven shakes the innovator in the child to think beyond obvious solutions & break free of the complexities
      • This helps create a vibrant atmosphere of enquiry as children begin to think of practical ways to relate with the theory being taught
    • Society

      • Taking the solar oven back home invites a child to further experiment & share the experience with friends, family & neighbors
      • The child thus becomes a catalyst propagating the green future and the whole experience of experimenting and sharing empowers him/her with an I Can attitude
    • Maha Suryakumbh

    What they have to say ?

    • Dr. Anil Kalodkar

      (Padma Vibhushan & Eminent Nuclear Scientist)

      I’m fascinated by the scale of Suryakumbh and the radical simplicity of the concept. Energy is the biggest currency of this century and every country is striving towards energy self sufficiency. Suryakumbh, seen from this context is a landmark event that’d propel children to think out of box and invent a radical solution to otherwise complex problems of fuel poverty and environmental hazards.

      Shree. Amitabh Bachchan

      (Legendary film Actor)

      My congratulations to the entire team of Suryakumbh for coming up with such a novel idea of giving young children an experience with solar energy. In the times of climate change and global warming, harnessing Sun’s energy is the best bet and who better to lead the change than the future of our country – the Children.

      Shree. Anand Mahindra

      (Chairman & MD, Mahindra & Mahindra)

      Suryakumbh is a novel programme to promote the use of renewable energy among youth. Just as students harness the Sun’s energy to productive use, Suryakumbh harnesses the energy of these fertile minds to create a more sustainable and energy efficient future for all of us. I commend this great initiative and wish the team all the very best.

    • Dr. Vitthal Kamat

      (Chairman of Kamath Group of hotels)

      It was a wonderful experience to celebrate the festival of Suryakumbh with 3484 children. The idea was unique, the food tasted great and the fact that it’s World’s Largest Solar Cooking event certainly brings a sense of pride and self confidence amongst all.

      Ms. Zarina Mehta

      (Co-founder UTV Group, CEO UTV Bindaas)

      Kudos! Suryakumbh: A solar cooking initiative by 3,484 children has qualified for the Guinness Book of World Records. What an inspiration!

      Dr. Shireesh Kedare

      (Prof. IIT Bombay & Independent Director ONGC)

      Suryakumbh is a unique confluence of a scientific device and a toy. Its toy like simplicity invites children to play with it while its powerful performance propels their curiosity and inclination towards the fundamentals of Science. Even adults, including me, thoroughly enjoyed the event.

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